Cindy S. Bergeman

Cindy S. Bergeman


Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University

  • Developmental

(574) 631-0881

122A Haggar Hall
Notre Dame, Indiana 46556

Adult Development & Aging Lab

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 Cindy S. Bergeman, Ph.D. is a lifespan developmental psychologist with research interests in stress, resiliency and aging, behavioral genetics, and the theory-method interface. Her research focuses on investigating patterns of variability and change in physical and psychological health across the lifespan and identifying the genetic and environmental factors that may importantly influence that process. Her current research project—The Notre Dame Study of Health & Well-being--uses multiple lenses (yearly questionnaires, in-depth interviews, daily assessments, cortisol, in-person health exams and medical records) to identify and describe the various pathways through which converging behavioral, psychological, environmental, and social processes contribute to resilience and optimal functioning. Unique to her perspective is the innovation in data assessment and analysis that facilitate more comprehensive understanding of the multidimensional and multilevel pathways that underlie the relations among stress and uplifts (e.g, in areas of work, family,friends, health, finances), resilience mechanisms (e.g., hardiness, control, social support) and health and well-being outcomes.


Recent Publications

(*Denotes Student Author) 

Montpetit, M. A., & Kapp, A., E., & Bergeman, C. S. (in press) Financial Stress, Neighborhood Stress, and Well-Being: Mediational and Moderational Models. Journal of Community Psychology.

Erbacher, M. K., Schmidt, K. M., & Bergeman, C. S. (in press) An idiographic approach using derivatives for studying relationships among longitudinal measurements of positive and negative affect in later life. Psychological Assessment.

Bergeman, C. S. & Deboeck, P. R. (2014) Trait Stress Resistance and Dynamic Stress Dissipation on Health and Well-being: The Reservoir Model. For a Special Issue of Research in Human Development: The Promise and Challenges of Integrating Multiple Time Scales in Adult Developmental Inquiry, Denis Gerstorf, Christiane Hoppmann, and Nilam Ram (eds.). Research in Human Development, 11 (2), 108-125.

Riffin, C., Ong, A. D., & Bergeman, C. S. (2014). Positive emotions and health in adulthood and later life. In P. Verhaeghen & C. Hertzog (Eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Emotion, Social Cognition, and Problem Solving in Adulthood (pp115-127) New York: Oxford.

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