Professor and Chair, Department of Psychology
Fellow, Institute for Educational Initiatives
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison



Dr. Lapsley’s research focuses on various topics in adolescent social cognitive and personality development, including work on adolescent invulnerability and risk behavior, narcissism, separation-individuation, self, ego and identity development, and college adjustment. He also studies the moral dimensions of personality and other topics in moral psychology, and has written on moral identity and moral and character education. He currently serves on the Executive Board of the international Association for Moral Education, and on the editorial boards of the periodicals Child Development, Journal of Educational Psychology and the Journal of Early Adolescence.

Recent Papers

Lapsley, D.K. & Power, F.C. (Eds., 2005). Character psychology and character education. Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame Press.

Lapsley, D.K. & Narvaez, D. (Eds., 2004). Moral development, self and identity. (Essays in honor of Augusto Blasi). Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.

Lapsley, D.K. Moral psychology. (1996). Boulder, CO: Westview Press. (also translated into Korean and Mandarin Chinese)

Lapsley, D.K. & Aalsma, M. (2005). An empirical typology of narcissism and mental health in late adolescence. Journal of Adolescence, 11 , 173-191.

Lapsley, D. K. & Narvaez, D. (2006). Character Education. In Vol. 4 (A. Renninger & I. Siegel, volume eds.), Handbook of Child Psychology (W. Damon & R. Lerner, Series Eds.) (pp. 248-296). New York: Wiley.

Narvaez, D., Lapsley, D.K., Hagele, S. & Lasky, B. (in press). Moral chronicity and social information processing. : Tests of a social cognitive approach to the moral personality. Journal of Research on Personality.

Aalsma , M., Lapsley, D.K. & Flannery, D. (2006). Narcissism, personal fables, and adolescent adjustment. Psychology in the Schools, 43, 481-491

Lapsley, D. (2005). Challenges in formulating and framing meaningful problems. In C. Conrad & R.C. Serlin (Eds.), SAGE Handbook for Research in Education: Engaging Ideas and Enriching Inquiry. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE

Lapsley, D. (2005). Moral stage theory. In M. Killen & J. Smetana (Eds.), Handbook of moral development (pp. 37-66). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates

Lapsley, D. (2003). The two faces of adolescent invulnerability. In D. Romer (Ed.), Reducing adolescent risk: Toward an integrated approach. Newbury Park, CA: SAGE.

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Contact Information
Office: 114-A Haggar Hall
Notre Dame, Indiana 46556
Phone: (574) 631-4515