William J. Shaw Center for Children and Families Assistant Professor of Psychology
Ph.D., University of Rochester



Dr. Diehl’s research focuses on understanding and improving social-communication in individuals with autism spectrum disorders (including Asperger syndrome and PDD) and other neurodevelopmental disorders.  Dr. Diehl’s work adapts psycholinguistic and neurocognitive paradigms to investigate the language and communication deficits that characterize these disorders. Additionally, Dr. Diehl integrates current research with adaptive technology to develop and test interventions aimed at improving communication.

One current line of research examines the production and comprehension of prosody by individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Dr. Diehl is interested in what prosody can tell us about communication and social deficits in autism spectrum disorders, and also in prosody’s promise as an early diagnostic marker of the disorder.

A second line of research involves the integration of an interactive humanoid robot into social skills interventions for children with autism spectrum disorders. The goal of this research is to critically examine whether or not the inclusion of this cutting-edge technology into the intervention provides additional benefits over traditional methods of practicing social skills.


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Recent publications:

Diehl, J.J., Friedberg, C., Paul, R., & Snedeker, J. (in press).  The use of prosody during syntactic processing in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders.  Development and Psychopathology.  Manuscript in press.

Kaboski, J.R., Diehl, J.J., Beriont, J., Crowell, C.R., Villano, M., Wier, K., & Tang, K. (in press).  Brief Report:  A pilot summer robotics camp to reduce social anxiety and improve social/vocational skills for adolescents with ASD and their peers.  Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.  Manuscript in press.

Diehl, J.J., Frost, S.J., Sherman, G., Mencl, W.E., Kurian, A., Molfese, P., Landi, N., Preston, J., Soldan, A., Fulbright, R.K., Rueckl, J., Seidenberg, M.S., Hoeft, F., & Pugh, K.R.  (in press).  Neural correlates of language and non-language visual processing in adolescents with reading disability.  Neuroimage.  Manuscript in press.

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