Director of Cognition, Brain and Behavior Program

Associate Professor
Ph.D. Michigan State University



Dr. Eberhard's research investigates the mental processes underlying the ability to produce and comprehend fluent speech. Her work in language production examines the process by which speakers formulate unambiguous referential expressions, and the processes involved in establishing agreement relations among words in sentences. Her research in language comprehension focuses on the information that is used by listeners to identify the intended referents of spoken utterances, and the influence of bilinguals' native language on their interpretation of words in their second language.

Recent Papers

Eberhard, K. M., Cutting, J. C., and Bock, K. (2005). Making sense of syntax: Number agreement in sentence production. Psychological Review, 112, 531-559.

Bock, K., Eberhard, K. M., and Cutting, J. C. (2004). Producing pronoun number. Journal of Memory and Language, 51, 159-323.

Scheutz, M., and Eberhard, K. (2004). Effects of morphosyntactic gender featuresin bilingual language processing. Cognitive Science, 28, 559-588.

Spivey, M. J., Tanenhaus, M. K., Eberhard, K. M., and Sedivy, J. C. (2002) Effects of visual context in the resolution of temporary syntactic ambiguities in spoken language comprehension. Cognitive Psychology, 45, 447-481.

Chambers, C. G., Tanenhaus, M. K., Eberhard, K. M., Filip, H., and Carlson, G. N. (2002). Circumscribing referential domains in real-time language comprehension. Journal of Memory and Language, 47, 30-49.

Bock, K., Eberhard, K. M., Cutting, J. C., Meyer, A. S., and Schriefers, H. (2001). Some attractions of verb agreement. Cognitive Psychology, 43, 83-128.

Eberhard, K. M. (1999). The effect of conceptual number on the production of subject-verb agreement in English. Journal of Memory and Language, 41, 147-164.

Eberhard, K.M., Spivey-Knowlton, M.J., Sedivy, J.C., and Tanenhaus, M.K. (1995). Eye movements as a window into real-time spoken language comprehension in natural contexts. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, 24, 409-436.

Tanenhaus, M.K., Spivey-Knowlton, M.J., Eberhard, K.M., and Sedivy, J.C. (1995). Integration of visual and linguistic information in spoken language comprehension. Science, 268, 1632-34.

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