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For questions regarding your application, please contact the graduate school at 574-631-7706 or

Our graduate program is founded on the premise that knowledge of basic psychology and psychological methods is required for careers in both basic science and applied behavioral science. 

Our program boasts solid training in general content areas, in methodology, and in scientific writing. They prepare our graduate students to make active contributions to scholarly research and to solve problems in various community, clinical, and other nonacademic settings. To learn what recent graduates are doing, see our placements page.


Visit the Graduate School's website to fill out the online application

Required components of the application include: 

Three letters of recommendation, a statement of intent, A CV or resume, unofficial transcripts, GRE scores (the general test is required and the subject test is recommended), and TOEFL scores (if applicable). 

Statements of Intent should describe the applicant’s academic training and research interests and identify one or more Notre Dame faculty members whose research interests intersect with the applicant’s.  The Department of Psychology does not have formal minimal criteria for admission, but applicants should be aware that admission is very competitive.  Our previous entering class had an average undergraduate GPA of 3.72, GRE quant score of 160, and GRE verbal score of 162.

ND Pier: Students interested in learning to conduct research on educational practices, programs and policies should apply for the Rev. James A. Burns Fellowship to be a part of the Program for Interdisciplinary Educational Research. This fellowship provides a stipend for up to five years, along with professional development funding for research and travel. Interested students will apply as part of their graduate application to their departmental Ph.D. program.

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Admissions Statistics for 2015

Summary of Incoming Admitted Students: 2015
Concentrations # Incoming Mean GRE Score  
    Verbal Quant Writing GPA
Clinical 6 164 160 4.9 3.783
Cognitive 2 161 154 4.5 3.175
Developmental 5 157 160 4.7 3.776
Quantitative 3 157 165 4.2 3.585

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