Quantitative Area Course Schedule Spring 2017 - Fall 2018

This schedule will be updated if necessary due to Faculty leaves. The goal is to repeat the schedule every two years (i.e., Fall ’14 = Fall ’16, etc.)

(R) = required for quantitative students

(A) = every year

(B) = every other year



1. Statistical Inference I and II are taught at ACMS. Stat Inf I is currently called Applied Probability and is taught each Fall, Stat Inf II is taught each Spring

2. Johnny Zhang will be on leave during the Fall semester 2015. Bayesian Statistics will be taught again most likely during Fall 2016.

1. Spring 2017

Quantitative Methods II (R)(A) Scott Maxwell 60101
Advanced SEM (B) Ke-Hai Yuan  tba
Applied Longitudinal Analysis (R) (A) Peggy Wang 60155
Gernalized Linear Model Gitta Lubke 60135
Mixture Modeling (B) Gitta Lubke 60151

2. Fall 2017

Quantitative Methods (R)(A)  tbd  60100
Multivariate Statistics (R)(A) Guangijan Zhang 60125
Structural Equation Models (R)(A) Johnny Zhang 60130
Computational Statistics (R)(B) Ke-Hai Yuan 60142
Psychological Measurement (R) (B) Alison Cheng 60121

3. Spring 2018

Quantitative Methods II (R)(A)  tbd 60101
Exploratory Data Analysis (B) Johnny Zhang 60105
Applied Longitudinal Analysis (R)(A) Peggy Wang 60155
Linear Model (R) (B) Gitta Lubke 60123
Introduction to Statistical Learning (B) Gitta Lubke 60122
Matrix Algebra  Guangjian Zhang tba
Missing Data (B)  Ke-Hai Yuan 60139

4. Fall 2018

Quantitative Methods I (R)(A) tbd 60100
Multivariate Statistics (R)(A) Guangjian Zhang 60125
Item Repsonse Theory (R)(B) Alison Cheng 60152
Statistical Methods (B) Ke-Hai Yuan 60158
Applied Bayesian Analysis (R)(B) Johnny ZHang 60158