Recent Placements


Date PhD Received



Allison Gaffey 01/08/2017 Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Integrative Medicine, Rush University Medical Center, Department of Behavioral Sciences, Chicago, IL  Clinical
Daniel McArtor 05/15/2017 Data Science at Google, Mountain View, CA Quantitative
Can Shao 01/08/2017 Psychometrician at National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners Quantitative
Caitlin Mills 07/31/2016 Postdoctoral Researcher, University of British Columbia Cognitive
Kyle Pettijohn 07/31/2016 Scientist at Henry Jackson Corporation Cognitive
David Rozek 07/31/2016 Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Utah Clinical
Elizabeth Daly 07/31/2016 PTSD Post-Doctoral Fellow: Washington DC VA Medical Center Clinical
Michelle Comas 07/31/2016 Post-Doctoral Fellow in Child and Family Forensic Psychology with the Juvenile Court Consultation Program at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Clinical
Rachel Callie Baird 07/31/2016 Statistician, Thoracic Surgery Group at UPMC, Pittsburgh Quantitative
Rebecca Morrissey 07/31/2016 No placement information Developmental
Elizabeth A. Hendriks 1/3/2016 Post Doctoral Fellow at Yale School of Medicine, Clinical Departments, Psychiatry: MPSY Department Faculty Support Clinical
Andrew S. Yoder 1/03/2016 Post-Doctoral Fellow Otis R. Bowen Center Clinical
Alexis M. Chambers 8/2/2015 Assistant Professor of Psychology, North Central College of Naperville Cognitive
Jamie Lee Serrano 8/02/2015 Psychologist, VA Roseburg Healthcare System, OR Clinical
Kelly A. Warmuth 8/2/2015 Assistant Professor, Providence College Developmental
Qian Zhang 8/2/2015 Assistant Professor, Florida State University Quantitative
Quinn Lathrop 5/16/2015 Data scientist at Pearson Quantitative 
Amy Kathleen Nuttall 5/16/2015 Assistant Professor of Human Development & Family Studies, Michigan State University Developmental
Jeffery M. Patton 01/04/2015 Psychometrician: Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Washington, DC Quantitative
Gregory J. Davis 8/02/2014 Industry Work for Analytics Inc. Dual Degree Program Cognitive & Computer Science
May Kim 8/02/2014 Staff Psychologist, VA Loma Linda Healthcare System, CA Clinical
Sara Melissa Stasik 8/02/2014 Assistant Professor Knox College Clinical
Alexis N. Thompson 8/2/2014 Decooda Intelligent Market Insights Cognitive
Xin Tong 8/2/2014 Assistant Professor: Quantitative Psychology, University of Virginia Quantitative
Raymond Walters 8/2/2014 Post-Doc Massachusetts General Hospital: Analytic & Translational Genetics Unit Quantitative
Yuen Man (Rebecca) Cheung 5/17/2014 Assistant Professor,Hong Kong Institute of Education Developmental
Charles Andre Laurin 5/17/14 Post-Doctoral Research Assistant, Statistical Genetics, University of Bristol, UK Quantitative
Zijun Ke 5/17/2014 Assistant Professor of Psychology at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, China Quantitative
Elizabeth Planalp 5/17/2014 Post-Doc-University of Wisconsin: Department of Psychology Developmental
WonJae Shin 5/17/2014 Instructor of Psychology at the Republic of Korea Naval Academy Cognitive
Paul Stey 5/17/2014 Mathematical Statistician for the Environmental Protection Agency Developmental
Ann Johnson 1/5/2014 Assistant Professor Ohio Northern University Clinical
Kathleen Bergman 8/7/2013 Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Notre Dame Developmental
Sara Fulmer 8/7/2013 Program Manager, Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Louisville Developmental
Lori Petersen 8/7/2013

Asst. Professor of Psychology, Purdue University Calumet

Christine Steeger 8/7/2013 Post-Doctoral Fellow: Div. of Prevention & Community Research at Yale Developmental
Andrea Tamplin 8/7/2013 Adjunct Professor, Columbus State Community College Cognitive
Susan Gundersen 5/18/2013 Science Teacher & STEM DPT. Chair. at Christo Rey Brooklyn High School Cognitive
Chung-Ting Lee 5/18/2013 Assistant Professor, Asia University in Taiwan Quantitative
Jared Miller 5/18/2013 Assistant Professor, Lone Star College in Texas Cognitive
Robert Perera 5/18/2013 Assistant Professor of Biostatistics at Virginia Commonwealth Univ. Quantitative
Laura Taylor 5/18/2013 Assistant Professor, Queen's University Belfast Developmental
Megan Trucano 5/18/2013 Senior Content Analyst Hanover Research Company Developmental
Brenda Whitehead 5/18/2013 Assistant Professor University of Michigan-Dearborn Developmental
Autumn B. Wyant Palmiter 5/18/2013 No Placement Update Developmental
Sabine Krawietz 1/6/2013 Scientific Associate, Justus-Liebig University of Giessen Cognitive
Keke Lai 8/8/2012 Assistant Professor, University of California, Merced Quantitative
Rae Lundy 8/8/2012 Group Therapy Coordinator, North Carolina Central University Counseling
Diane Macready 8/8/2012 Staff Psychologist VA Illiana Health Care System Counseling
Goal Auzeen Saedi 8/8/2012 President: Glisten Consulting, OOC, Portland OR Clinical
Rebeccah Schweers 8/8/2012 Psychologist, Froedtert Hospital, Milwaukee (WI) Counseling
Andrea Christensen 5/19/2012 Assistant Professional Specialist, Institute for Educational Initiatives  University of Notre Dame Developmental
Kalsea Koss 5/19/2012 Associate Research Scholar,  Center for Research on Child Wellbeing and the Department of Molecular Biology, Princeton University Developmental
Margaret McNerney 5/19/2012 Joint postdoctoral fellowship with the Stanford School of Medicine and the War Related Illness Study Center at the Department of Veteran Affairs. Stanford University Cognitive
Alissa Russell 5/19/2012 Assistant Professor at Saint Mary College and Holy Cross College Developmental
Adam Biggs 1/1/2012 Lieutenant: Naval Medical Research Unit Dayton Cognitive
Heather Holleman 1/1/2012 Psychologist, Reflections Counseling, South Bend, IN, and Psychological Consultant, Interdisciplinary Diagnostic and Evaluation Centers (IDEC) (Fort Wayne, IN) Clinical
Cody Christopherson 8/1/2011 Assistant Professor, Southern Oregon University Clinical
Zhenqiu (Laura) Lu 8/1/2011 Assistant Professor at University of Georgia Quantitative
Kathleen McCoy 8/1/2011 Lecturer of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Feinberg School of Medicine Clinical
Melissa Mitchell 8/1/2011 Mathematical Statistician National Agriculture Statistics United States Department of Agriculture Quantitative
Errol Philip 8/1/2011 Chief Clinical Research Fellow, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Clinical
Kristina (Peterson) Post 8/1/2011 Assistant Professor, University of La Verne (CA) Clinical
Marcee Turner 8/1/2011 Counselor, Arizona State University, Counseling Services Counseling
Crystal Blount 5/12/2011 University Lecturer, Governors State University (IL) General
Michaela Bucchianeri 5/21/2011 Assistant Professor: College of Education,  University of Georgia Clinical
Mary Wagner Fuhs 5/21/2011 Assistant Professor: University of Dayton Developmental
Jenny Vaydich 5/21/2011 Assistant Professor, Seattle Pacific University Clinical
Melissa Ward George 1/1/2011 Postdoctoral Research Associate University of South
Manshu Yang 1/1/2011 Psychometrician: American Institutes for Research Quantitative
Wei Zhang 1/1/2011 Program Analyst: Software Engineer at WalmartLabs Quantitative
Marcia Braun 8/11/2010 Postdoctoral Researcher Univ. of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Developmental
Carolyn Heitzmann 8/11/2010 Psychologist, Center for Counseling and Student Development, University of Delaware Counseling
Paul Youngbin Kim 8/11/2010 Assistant Professor Seattle Pacific University Counseling
Diane Lickenbrock 8/11/2010 Assistant Professor at Western Kentucky University Developmental
Delores Smitham 8/11/2010 Psychologist, Scottsdale, AZ Counseling
Stephen Tueller 8/11/2010 Research Psychologist Risk Behavior and Family Research Quantitative
Chaunce Windle 8/11/2010 Psychologist, Eugene, OR Counseling
Jonathan Yip 8/11/2010 Senior Psychologist Supervisor, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Bakersfield, CA Counseling
Xiaoling Zhong 8/11/2010 Assistant Professor Shenzhen University Quantitative