Kasey Stanton

Kasey Stanton

Undergraduate institution: Montana State University Billings

Research interests:  Kasey’s research focuses on exploring the relations for positive emotionality with psychopathology such as mania, narcissism, and other clinical syndromes that are externalizing in nature. This research aims to inform the conceptualization and assessment of such psychopathology by determining their relations with specific facets of positive emotionality (e.g., feeling joyful, self-assured, attentive). Related to this aim, Kasey also is interested in research examining the structure of positive emotionality and of these psychopathology, and in research aimed at determining the structure of emotionality/personality and psychopathology more broadly.

Mentor: Dr. David Watson


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Center for Advanced Measurement of Personality and Psychopathology (CAMPP Lab)