Researchers Awarded Grant to Study Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Author: Renée LaReau

Three Notre Dame researchers—combining expertise in psychology, religion, and peace—have been awarded a grant from Notre Dame International’s Global Collaboration Initiative to study the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The researchers will join with a team of scholars from universities in Israel and Palestine. Read More

New Psychology Hire Integrates Peace Studies, Childhood Trauma

Author: Mike Danahey


Laura Miller grew up in a big, loving family, but her research at Notre Dame focuses on children who were less fortunate.

“I learned from my own experiences how much your family and childhood experiences can profoundly affect your life,” Miller says. “While I have been very blessed in my own life, having an awareness of how a supportive and warm family affected my development motivated me to work with children who didn’t necessarily have the advantage of that experience.” Read More

Ke-Hai Yuan’s Groundbreaking Quantitative Work Propels Psychology Program

Author: Aaron Smith

Ke-Hai Yuan

Structural equation modeling and factor analysis might be difficult concepts to grasp for most people outside the world of statistics, but one thing should be crystal clear: Professor Ke-Hai Yuan’s groundbreaking work in these areas is a driving force behind the nationally recognized success of the quantitative psychology program in Notre Dame’s College of Arts and Letters. Read More

Video: Meet Psychology Graduate Student Allison Gaffey

Author: Todd Boruff


“As a clinical student, I can especially attest to the excellent training that I’ve received through that area,” says Allison Gaffey, a fourth-year student in the clinical psychology Ph.D. program at the University of Notre Dame. She also appreciates the Department of Psychology’s “very strong” quantitative program, allowing her to gain additional training in those methods. Read More

Video: Meet Psychology Major Catherine Reidy

Author: Arts and Letters

“I’ve always been intrigued with the study of the human person and the way that we interact with others in society,” says Catherine Reidy ’13, a psychology major and anthropology minor from Greenwood Village, Colo.

Throughout her time in Notre Dame’s College of Arts and Letters, Reidy focused her academic work on international research. “Undergraduate research has really allowed me to really pursue my individual interests. I’ve received a number of grants to travel to Sierra Leone in west Africa pursuing psychological research for two summers and traveling to Croatia over spring break to do more data collection. They are investing a lot into their undergraduates and giving us a lot of responsibility. That kind of investment gives you a greater sense of integrity in your research.” Read More

Older Adults Don’t Speak 'Robot,' Study Finds

Author: Susan Guibert

Laura Carlson

In order to effectively program robots that ultimately could be used to aid seniors, researchers at the University of Notre Dame and University of Missouri studied the type of language older adults used when describing the location of a desired object to either a robot or human-like avatar. It turns out that seniors become tongue-tied when talking to robots. Read More

Nobody Likes a 'Fat-Talker,' Study Shows

Author: Susan Guibert

Alexandra Corning

Women who engage in “fat talk”—the self-disparaging remarks girls and women make in relation to eating, exercise or their bodies—are less liked by their peers, a new study from the University of Notre Dame finds.

Led by Alexandra Corning, research associate professor of psychology and director of Notre Dame’s Body Image and Eating Disorder Lab, the study was presented recently at the Midwestern Psychological Association annual conference. Read More