Faculty research is conducted in labs that include doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows, and undergraduate research assistants, along with other project-based support staff.  Lab-based research is central to the doctoral training model of the department.  It also provides an important training opportunity for undergraduate students whose research often leads to senior theses, presentations at professional meetings, and scholarly publication.  The research labs of the department are listed below. Additionally, undergraduates looking to participate in research studies for class credit or other payment can find a list on our electronic bulletin board, SONA.

To be able to conduct research on human subjects, all students need to complete the Human Participants Protection Module and print the certificate to show your lab manager: https://www.citiprogram.org/Default.asp

Adolescent Socio-Emotional Development Lab

Lab Director: Dr. Dawn M. Gondoli

Adult Development and Aging Lab

Lab Director: Dr. Cindy S. Bergeman

Attention and Attention Disorders Lab

Lab Director: Dr. Bradley S. Gibson

Body Image and Eating Disorder Lab

Lab Director: Dr. Alexandra F. Corning

Building Resilience After Violence Exposure (BRAVE)

Lab Director: Dr.  Laura Miller

Center for Advanced Measurement of
Personality & Psychopathology (CAMPP Lab)

Lab Directors: Dr. Lee Anna Clark and Dr. David Watson

William Shaw Center for Children and Families

Lab Director: Dr. Julie Braungart-Rieker

Cognition and Emotion Lab

Lab Director: Dr. Gerald Haeffel

Cognition, Learning, and Development Lab

Lab Director: Dr. Nicole McNeil

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) Studies Lab

Lab Director:  Dr. Anne D. Simons

Cognitiion, Emotion and Emotional Disorders (CEED) Lab

Lab Director: Dr. Lira Yoon

Development and Psychopathology Lab

Lab Director: Dr. Kristin Valentino

eMotion and eCognition Lab

Lab Director: Dr. Charles R. Crowell
Assistant Director: Dr. Michael A. Villano

Emotion and Stress Physiology (ESP) Lab

Lab Director: Dr. Michelle Wirth

Emotive Computing Lab

Lab Director:  Dr. Sidney D'Mello

Family Studies Center

Lab Director: Dr. E. Mark Cummings

F.U.N. Lab - Autism and Dyslexia Research at Notre Dame

Lab Director: Dr. Juhi Kaboski

Genetics and Statistical Learning Lab (GSLL)

Lab Director:  Dr. Gitta Lubke

Infant Studies Lab

Lab Director: Dr. Jill Lany

Lab for Developmental and Health Research Methodology

Lab Director: Dr. Zhiyong "Johnny" Zhang

Lab for Psycho-oncology Research

Lab Director: Dr. Thomas V. Merluzzi

Language Lab

Lab Director: Dr. Kathleen M. Eberhard

Marital Therapy and Research Clinic

Lab Director: Dr. David A. Smith

Memory Lab

Lab Director: Dr. G.A. Radvansky

Moral and Adolescent Psychology (MAP) Lab

Lab Director: Dr. Daniel Lapsley
Lab Manager: Ryan Woodbury

Moral Psychology Lab

Lab Director: Dr. Darcia F. Narvaez

Notre Dame Socio-Emotional Development Lab

Lab Director: Dr. Julia Braungart-Rieker

Notre Dame Study of Health and Well-Being

Lab Director: Dr. Cindy S. Bergeman

Educational and Psychological Measurement

Lab Director:  Dr. Alison Cheng

Ready for Kindergarten!

Lab Director: Dr. Jeanne Day

Sleep, Stress, and Memory Lab

Lab Director: Dr. Jessica Payne

Spatial Cognition Lab

Lab Director: Dr. Laura Carlson

Stress and Depression Lab

Lab Director: Dr. Scott Monroe

Study of the Interpersonal Self Lab

Lab Director:  Dr. Anita Kelly

Visual Cognition Lab

Lab Director: Dr. James R. Brockmole