First Year Graduate Student Poster Presentations


Location: Jordan Hall of Science

These presentations are by Ph.D. Psychology students showcasing their research during their first year of study in the Psychology Department at the University of Notre Dame.  


Poster Abstracts


Effects of Item Preknowledge on Measurement Outcomes in CAT
Alex Brodersen

Linking Spouse Criticism to Chronic Low-Back Pain: A Test of the Expressed Emotion Model Using Behavioral Observations
Ryan P. Egan

The Differential Fan Effect Over Time
Jerry S. Fisher

Maternal Sensitivity and Child Language in the Context of Maltreatment: The moderating role of elaborative reminiscing
Kaitlin Fondren

Is it the Thought that Counts?:Trauma-Related Belief Cognitions as a Mediator of Trauma Impact
Katherine Grein

Family Feud: The Mediating Effect of Emotional Security on Interparental Conflict and Adolescent Prosocial Behavior
Anh P. Ha

Local Solutions of Geomin Rotation
Minami Hattori

Emotional Experience Across the Adult Lifespan: An Accelerated Longitudinal Design
Raquael J. Joiner

Autobiographical Memory Bias in Depression: Remoteness and Valence
Dahyeon Kim

Examining the stress-attenuating effects of religious coping via emotion regulation in mid & later-life adults
Brandy S. Martinez

Problematic Parenting, Children’s Dysregulated Representations, & Effortful Control in a Low-Income Sample
Amanda Nowak

Talking for baby: How parent’s use of internal state language use during parent-infant interactions influences attachment.
Molly O'Neill

Maternal Reminiscing Quality in the Context of Child Maltreatment: Implications for Child Regulatory Outcomes
Ruth Speidel

Pre- and Postnatal Depressive Symptoms in Relation to Trajectories of Parenting
Dianna Tran

Model evaluation with small N and/or large p: RMSEA and CFI by an empirically corrected test statistic
Lin Xing

A Shift in Conversation: Effects of WeHab in Therapeutic Interactions
Julaine D. Zenk