Developmental Studies Group Student Panel: "Comps or Concept Papers? Talking Candidly about Candidacy Exams"


Location: 212 Haggar Hall


​Jessica Blaxton - 5th year, Dr. Cindy Bergeman​ (prelim paper)​

Tony Cunningham - 6th year, Clinical, Dr. Jess Payne (prelim paper)​

Erin Hillard - 4th year, Dr. Dawn Gondoli​ (comp exam)​

Abbie Thompson - 4th year, Dr. Jill Lany (comp exam)​




*​Based on last week's DSG and the possibility of Developmental implementing an option similar to CBB, I have extended very last-minute  invites to a couple CBB students to be on the panel, but have not confirmed anyone as of yet.*