CBBSG Speaker Monday, 11/26: Jerry Fisher (ND)


Location: 378 Corbett Family Hall

On Monday, November 26th, Jerry Fisher, a fourth year grad student in GA Radvansky's Memory Lab, will be a giving talk at CBBSG 12-1pm in Corbett E378. Details about his talk are below. Free food for attendees will be served from 11:50am.  
Learning, Meaning, and Partial Knowledge in Linear Retention Patterns 
Episodic retention is commonly held to follow a negatively accelerating pattern that is better described by a power function than a linear function. However, Fisher and Radvansky (2018) have demonstrated that linear forgetting patterns are reliable under specific learning, material, and retrieval conditions. Linear patterns are interpreted under a theoretical framework that incorporates the common assumption of the exponential loss of information but allows for the use of partially degraded information in retrieval judgments.
This talk outlines my proposed dissertation experiments that are intended to more fully examine the methodological and theoretical factors that influence linear forgetting patterns. This work has implications for the modeling of retention, and it has the potential to be applied to real-world settings such as classroom learning and eyewitness forensics.