QSG Speaker: Chang Che


Location: 378 Corbett Family Hall

QSG this week features a talk by Chang Che. The title of the the talk is “Network analysis - A literature review“. The abstract for the talk is given below.

Network analysis - A literature review by Chang Che.

Human beings are surrounded by network relations in an incredibly wide variety of forms and contexts. From inter-person communication to inter-protein reaction, from physical inter-location transportation to virtual information exchange on webpages, many disciplines have recently shown growing interest in network analysis in recent decades. Starting from the purpose and the history of network analysis, this presentation aims to scratch the surface of the quantitative analytical methods on networks for researchers who have no previous network analysis experience. It will introduce the representation of networks, descriptive methods, and mathematical or statistical models such as Erdos-Renyi Model, Exponential Random Graph Model, Stochastic Block Model, and Latent Space Model. It will also give a glance at other topics such as community detection, network dynamics, network with covariates, applications of network analysis, and related R packages.

QSG meets on Thursdays from 3:30-4:45pm in Corbett 378. All are welcome, and we hope to see you there.

For a complete list of speakers for Fall 2018, please visit this link.

"The primary objective [of this course] is to provide students the opportunity to develop their critical thinking skills, presentation abilities, and knowledge of the most recent developments in quantitative and statistical methods and techniques. The seminar format of this course is designed to stimulate and foster the intellectual environment of the program and department as well as to engage students at all levels. This is one of the required courses for non-quantitative students to get their minor in quantitative psychology."