CBBSG presents Jim Brockmole, "Eye Movements in Theory and Application"


Location: 378 Corbett Family Hall

On Monday, September 16th, Dr. Jim Brockmole will give a talk at CBBSG from 12-1pm in Corbett E378. Details about his talk are below, and lunch will be served for attendees beginning at 11:50am.
Eye Movements in Theory and Application
Many of our actions require visual information, and for this it is important to direct the eyes to the right place at the right time. Two or three times every second, we must decide both when and where to direct our gaze. Understanding these decisions can reveal the moment-to-moment information priorities of the visual system and the strategies for information sampling employed by the brain to serve ongoing behavior.  In this talk, I will present a novel theoretical framework and computational model of gaze control that elucidates the mechanistic underpinnings of gaze control decisions.  I will then discuss ways in which such basic modeling efforts can be applied to address real-world problems.  Here, I will focus on recent work in our lab that attempts to use eye movements as a means to monitor changing attentional states in real time and to use this ability to develop attention-aware cyberlearning technologies that can improve student learning in non-laboratory settings. 
The following week, George Howard  & Scott Maxwell will be giving a talk on Monday, September 23, entitled "ORMA: A Strategy to Reduce Psychology’s Replication Problems”