Anré Venter

Anré Venter

Teaching Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Ph.D., University of Notre Dame

  • Quantitative

(574) 631-6619

Corbett Family Hall

Notre Dame, IN

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Serving as the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Psychology Department for both the Psychology major and the Neuroscience and Behavior major (the BA in the College of Arts & Letters), Dr. Venter's focus is on teaching, advising, and administering the undergraduate major.  Dr. Venter teaches Introductory Psychology, Social Psychology, a senior seminar on the self, as well as interdisciplinary courses examining the relationship between the built environment and human experience.  In addition, he leads study abroad experiences to South Africa examining racism within the socio-political and historical context of the apartheid system. Trained as a social psychologist, Dr. Venter's interests focus on understanding the self - what it is and what it does. Thus, for example, he has examined the manner in which factors such as the affective quality and the valence of interactional outcomes influence how we form impressions of and judge other people. More recently, he examined the issue of self-complexity as a buffer against stress and depression in student-athletes when faced with forced retirement from athletics.

Recent Publications

Sullivan, M.P., & Venter, A. (2010). Defining “Heroes” through Deductive and Inductive Investigations. Journal of Social Psychology, 150: 5, 471 – 484.

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Venter, A., Maxwell, S.E., & Bolig, E. (2002). Power in randomized group comparisons: The value of adding a single intermediate timepoint to a traditional pretest-posttest design. Psychological Methods, Vol. 7, No. 2, 194-209.

Venter, A. (2008), Self versus Other, Us versus Them: The Self as Root of Conflict. In R.E. Osborne & P. Kriese (Eds.), Global Community: Global Security. Value Inquiry Book Series Editions: Rodopi, Amsterdam: The Netherlands.

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