David Watson

David Watson

Andrew J. Mckenna Family Professor of Psychology

Ph.D., University of Minnesota 

  • Clinical



Corbett Family Hall

Notre Dame, IN 46556

Center for Advanced Measurement of Personality and Psychopathology (CAMPP Lab)

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Professor Watson is a personality psychologist with expertise in personality and clinical assessment.  His work investigates the structure and measurement of personality, affect, and psychopathology, as well as examining how personality traits relate to clinical disorders. He works in a variety of substantive areas within psychopathology, including depression, the anxiety disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, mania, the personality disorders, and dissociation. The ultimate goal of this work is to develop comprehensive taxonomic models that integrate normal-range and pathological processes into a single overarching scheme. Other areas of personality research examine stability versus change across the life span, mate preferences, and accuracy in person perception.  He has published more than 240 articles in the top journals in personality and pathology. He served as an Advisor to the DSM-IV Anxiety Disorders Workgroup and to the DSM-5 Personality and Personality Disorders Workgroup.  From 2006-2011, he was the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Abnormal Psychology. In 2015, he was one of three founding members (with Roman Kotov and Robert Krueger) of the Hierarchical Taxonomy of Psychopathology (HiTOP) consortium.

Recent Publications

Levin-Aspenson, H. F., Watson, D., Clark, L. A., & Zimmerman, M. (in press). What is the general factor of psychopathology? Consistency of the p factor across samples. Assessment.

Ellickson-Larew, S., Stasik-O’Brien, S. M., Stanton, K., & Watson, D.  (2020). Dissociation as a multidimensional transdiagnostic symptom. Psychology of Consciousness: Theory, Research, and Practice, 7, 126-150.

Stanton, K., McDonnell, C. G., Hayden, E. P., & Watson, D. (2020). Transdiagnostic approaches to psychopathology measurement: Recommendations for measure selection, data analysis, and participant recruitment. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 129, 21-28.

Watson, D., Ellickson-Larew, S., Stanton, K., Levin-Aspenson, H. F., & Khoo, S. (2020). Examining the criterion validity and diagnostic specificity of self-report measures of narcissism and mania. Assessment. Advance online publication.

Clark, L. A., & Watson, D. (2019). Constructing validity: New developments in creating objective measuring instruments. Psychological Assessment, 31, 1412-1427.

Stanton, K., Khoo, S., Watson, D., Gruber, J., Zimmerman, M., & Weinstock, L. M. (2019). Unique and transdiagnostic features of hypomania/mania and unipolar depression. Clinical Psychological Science, 7, 471-487.

Stasik-O’Brien, S. M., Brock, R. L., Chmielewski, M., Naragon-Gainey, K., Koffel, E., McDade-Montez, E., O’Hara, M. W., & Watson, D. (2019). Clinical utility of the Inventory of Depression and Anxiety Symptoms (IDAS). Assessment,26, 944-960.

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