David Watson

David Watson

Andrew J. Mckenna Family Professor of Psychology

Ph.D., University of Minnesota 

  • Clinical



Corbett Family Hall

Notre Dame, IN 46556

Center for Advanced Measurement of Personality and Psychopathology (CAMPP Lab)

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Professor Watson is a personality psychologist with specific expertise in personality and clinical assessment.  His work investigates the structure and measurement of personality, emotion, and psychopathology, as well as examining how personality traits relate to clinical disorders. He works in a variety of substantive areas within psychopathology, including the emotional disorders (which include the depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder), the personality disorders, schizotypy, and dissociation. The long-term goal of this work is to develop comprehensive taxonomic models that integrate normal-range and pathological processes into a single overarching scheme. Other areas of personality research examine temporal stability versus change across the life span; mate preferences and interpersonal attraction; and accuracy versus bias in person perception.  He has published more than 200 articles in the top journals in personality and clinical psychology. He served as an Advisor to the DSM-IV Anxiety Disorders Workgroup and to the DSM-5 Personality and Personality Disorders Workgroup.  From 2006-2011, he was the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Abnormal Psychology.

Recent Publications

Dornbach-Bender, A., Ruggero, C., Waszczuk, M. A., Gaméz, W., Watson, D., & Kotov, R.  (2017) Mapping the emotional disorders at the finest level: Convergent validity and joint structure based on alternative measures.  Comprehensive Psychiatry. Advance online publication.

Goldstein, B. L., Kotov, R., Perlman, G., Watson, D., & Klein, D. N.  (in press).  Trait and facet-level predictors of first-onset depressive and anxiety disorders in a community sample of adolescent girls.  Psychological Medicine.

Kotov, R., Krueger, R. F., Watson, D., Achenbach, T. M., Althoff, R. R., Bagby, M. & Zimmerman, M. (2017). The Hierarchical Taxonomy of Psychopathology (HiTOP): dimensional alternative to traditional nosologies.  Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 126, 454-477. 

Levin-Aspenson, H. F., & Watson, D.  (2017). Mode of administration effects in Psychopathology assessment: Analyses of gender, age, and education differences in self rated versus interview-based depression.  Psychological Assessment.  Advance online publication.

Stanton, K., Daly, E. J., Stasik, S. M., Ellickson-Larew, S. A., Clark, L. A., & Watson, D. (2017). An integrative analysis of the Narcissistic Personality Inventory and the Hypomanic Personality Scale: Implications for construct validity.  Assessment, 24, 695 711. 

Stanton, K., Gruber, J., & Watson, D.  (2017). Basic dimensions defining mania risk: A structural approach.  Psychological Assessment, 29, 304-319. 

Stanton, K., & Watson, D.  (2017). Explicating the structure and relations of the Mood Disorder Questionnaire: Implications for screening for bipolar and related disorders.  Journal of Affective Disorders, 220, 72-78.

Waszczuk, M. A., Kotov, R., Ruggero, C. J., Gaméz, W., & Watson, D.  (2017).  Hierarchical structure of emotional disorders: From individual symptoms to the spectrum.  Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 126, 613-634.

Watson, D., Nus, E., & Wu, K. D.  (2017). Development and validation of the Faceted Inventory of the Five-Factor Model (FI-FFM).  Assessment.  Advance online publication. 

Watson, D., Stanton, K., & Clark, L. A.  (2017). Self-report indicators of negative valence constructs within the Research Domain Criteria (RDoC): A critical review.  Journal of Affective Disorders, 216, 58-69.