G. A. Radvansky

G. A. Radvansky


Ph.D., Michigan State University 

  • Cognition, Brain, and Behavior

(574) 631-6473


Corbett Family Hall

Notre Dame, IN 46556

Memory Lab

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Dr. Radvansky's research is focused on the development of mental model theory for human memory and cognition. Mental models are a person's representation of a situation that they experienced/read/heard about. Most of this research is aimed at understanding how people create, organize, store and retrieve mental models. This research is also directed at understanding how younger and older adults differ on their use of mental models.

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Recent Publications

Radvansky, G. A., Gibson, B. S., & McNerney, M. W.* (2014). Working Memory, Situation Models, and Synesthesia. American Journal of Psychology,  127, 325-342.

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Gibson, B. S., Radvansky, G. A., Johnson, A., & McNerney, M. W. (2012). Grapheme-color synesthesia can enhance immediate memory without disrupting the encoding of relational cues. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 19, 172-177.

Krawietz, S. A., Tamplin, A. K.*, & Radvansky, G. A., (2012). Aging and mind wandering during text comprehension. Psychology and Aging, 27, 951-958. 

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