Kristin Wier

Kristin Wier

Assitant Professional Specialist

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Kristin G Wier, MA, LLP, BCBA, LBA is a licensed Behavior Analyst and a limited licensed psychologist.  She has worked in the field of Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis since 2000.  She began teaching at Notre Dame in Fall of 2006.  She has been a part of the former, Disability Practicum Courses, the Autism Practicum Courses, Research through the Shaw Center, and Fun LAB at the University.  In her clinical work, she was the Director of the Early Intervention Center, in Birmingham Michigan, from 2002-2006, and is currently the Clinical Director of the LOGAN Autism Learning Center in Southwest Michigan.
Kristin has extensive experience in applied work with individuals diagnosed with autism ages 2-69 years of age.  She has worked through research and clinical application targeting: communication, social skills, daily living skills, adaptive skill development, reduction of maladaptive behavior for individuals with autism and other development disabilities.
Current Courses: Autism Spectrum Disorder Practicum Courses

                                                              PSY 23271/43271          

Recent Publications

Summer J. Ferreri, Lori Tamm, and Kristin G. Wier (2006). Using Food Aversion to Decrease Severe Pica by a Child with Autism Behavior Modification 30: 456-471.

Villano, M., Crowell, C. R., Wier, K., Tang, K., Thomas, B., Shea, N., Schmitt, L. M., & Diehl, J. J. (2011). DOMER: A Wizard of Oz interface for using interactive robots to scaffold social skills for children with autism spectrum
disorders. Proceedings of the International Conference of Human-Robot Interaction, Switzerland. doi:10.1145/1957656.195770 

Diehl, J.J., Crowell, C., Villano, M., Wier, K., Reik, L.D. (2014) Clinical Applications of Robots in Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment. Book Comprehensive Guide to Autism DOI:10.1007/987-1-4614-4788-7_14 

Tang, K., & Wier, K. (2017). Verbal behavior intervention. In F. Volkmar, R. Paul, K. Pelphrey, & M. D. Powers (Eds.), Encyclopedia of autism spectrum disorders. 

Kaboski, Juhi, Diehl, J.J., Wier, K., Beriont, J.S., Tang, K. (2014), Brief Report: A Pilot Summer Robotics Camp to Reduce Social Anxiety and Improve Social/Vocational Skills in Adolescents with ASD. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 45(12)