Scott E. Maxwell

Scott E. Maxwell

Professor and Matthew A. Fitzsimon Chair

Ph.D., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

  • Quantitative

(574) 631-5894

Corbett Family Hall

Notre Dame, IN 46556

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Scott Maxwell's research interests are in the areas of research methodology and applied behavioral statistics. Much of his recent work has focused on statistical power and accuracy in parameter estimation, especially in randomized designs. Another line of work has begun to investigate biases in cross-sectional analyses of longitudinal mediational processes. He is also very interested in the use of multilevel approaches to model statistical dependencies in longitudinal data as well as family data.

Recent Publications

Kelley, K., & Maxwell, S. E. (2010). Multiple regression. In G. R. Hancock & R. O. Mueller (Eds.), The reviewer’s guide to quantitative methods in the social sciences. New York: Taylor & Francis. 

Howard, G. S., Maxwell, S. E., Delgado-Romero, E. A., Lau, M., Lundy, R., & Christopherson, C. (2010). Non-significant results: Can’t live with them, Can’t live without them. Journal of Non-Significant Results in Education, 1, 53-58. 

Ekas, N. V., Braungart-Rieker, J. M., Lickenbrock, D. M., Zentall, S. R., & Maxwell, S. E. (2011). Toddler emotion regulation with mothers and fathers: Temporal associations between negative affect and behavioral strategies. Infancy, 16, 266-294. 

Maxwell, S. E., & Kelley, K. (2011). Ethics and sample size planning. In A. Panter & S. Sterba (Eds.). Handbook of ethics in quantitative methodology. New York: Taylor & Francis. 

Maxwell, S. E. (2011). Introduction to the special section on Campbell’s and Rubin’s conceptualizations of causality. Psychological Methods, 15, 1-2. 

Maxwell, S. E., Cole, D. A, & Mitchell, M. A. (2011). Bias in cross-sectional analyses of longitudinal mediation: Partial and complete mediation under an autoregressive  model. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 46, 816-841. (target article accompanied by three commentaries serve as a special section of the journal; selected by the members of SMEP for the Tanaka Award for Annual Best Article in MBR). 

Kelley, K., & Maxwell, S. E. (2012). Sample size planning. In H. Cooper (Ed.), APA Handbook of research methods in psychology. Washington, DC: APA. 

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Yuan, K.-H., Cheng, Y., & Maxwell, S. E. (2014). Moderation analysis using a two-level regression model. Psychometrika, 79, 701-732. 

Yang, M., & Maxwell, S. E. (2014). Treatment effects in randomized longitudinal trials with different types of non-ignorable dropout. Psychological Methods, 19, 188-210.