Thomas G. Burish

Thomas G. Burish

Professor, Provost

Ph.D., University of Kansas

  • Clinical

(574) 631-6631

300 Main Building

Notre Dame, IN 46556

Stress and coping in general, and coping with cancer in particular.


Professor Burish’s primary research interests are in the areas of stress and coping in general, and coping with cancer in particular.  His most recent work examined psychological factors, especially learning, that play a role in the etiology, prevention, and treatment of the side effects of cancer treatments.  The goal of this work is to understand the causes of many forms of psychological distress in cancer patients, and to develop effective approaches to predict, prevent, and ameliorate this distress.  Professor Burish has been in full-time university administration for several years and currently serves as Notre Dame’s provost.

Recent Publications

Jean-Pierre, P., Grandner, M.A., Garland, S.N., Henry, E., Jean-Louis, G., & Burish, T.G. (2015). Self-reported memory problems in adult-onset cancer survivors: Effects of cardiac complications and insomnia. Sleep Medicine, 16 (7), 845-849.

Jean-Pierre, P., Johnson-Green, D., & Burish, T.G. (2014). Neuropsychological care and rehabilitation of cancer patients with chemobrain: Strategies for evaluation and intervention development. Journal of Supportive Care in Cancer, 22 (8), 2251-2260.

Burish, T. G.  (2000).  The role of behavioral and psychosocial science in reducing cancer morbidity and mortality.  Oncologist (invited article), 5, 263-266.

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Morrow, G. R., Hickok, J. T., Burish, T. G., & Rosenthal, S. N.  (1996).  Frequency and clinical implications of delayed nausea and delayed emesis.  American Journal of Clinical Oncology, 19 (2), 199-203.

Morrow, G. R., Hickok, J. T., & Burish, T. G.  (1994).  Behavioral aspects of clinical trials: An integrated framework from behavioral therapy.  Cancer, 74 (9), 2676-2682.