Tsz Man Vanessa Chan

Tsz Man Vanessa Chan

Assistant Teaching Professor

Ph.D., University of Toronto 

(574) 631-1635


Corbett Family Hall

Notre Dame, IN 46556

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Dr. Chan joins the Department of Psychology as an Assistant Teaching Professor with an appointment to the Neuroscience and Behavior undergraduate major. She is dedicated to fostering skills for both in and out of the academic classroom, and is interested in research on pedagogical improvements for the classroom and applying empirically-tested practices. Her graduate training is in experimental psychology and cognitive neuroscience, specifically in speech perception in noisy environments, with separate interests in music cognition and effects of musical training.

Recent Publications

Chan, T.M.V., & Alain, C. (2020). Theories of cognitive aging: A look at potential benefits of music training on the aging brain. In L. Cuddy, S. Belleville, & A. Moussard (Eds.) Music and the Aging Brain. Elsevier.

Wood, S., & Chan, V. (2020). Sequential assignments to critically evaluate psychological journal articles. Society for the Teaching of Psychology website. https://teachpsych.org/resources/Documents/otrp/resources/wood20.pdf

Chan, T.M.V., & Alain, C. (2019). Listening back in time: Does attention to memory facilitate word in noise identification? Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 81(1), 253-269.

Alain, C., Cusimano, M., Garami, L., Backer, K., Habelt, B., Chan, V., & Hasher, L. (2018) Age-related differences in orienting attention to sound object representations. Neurobiology of Aging, 66, 1-11.