Resources and Recommended Activities

Resources and Recommended Activities for Current Clinical Graduate Students

1. All students are required to obtain certification by the National Institutes of Health for the protection of human research participants. Further information is provided on the Notre Dame Human Subjects Research training page.

2. The Department highly recommends students attend the grant writing workshops offered by Notre Dame’s Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts (ISLA) and the Graduate College.

3. It is important that students be familiar with the guidelines of the American Psychological Association (APA) for determining how authorship credit and order is determined. The APA provides “A Graduate Student's Guide to Determining Authorship Credit and Authorship Order (PDF)” for this purpose.

4. The ND library provides several tutorials ("Guide-on-the-Side") on library research using Notre Dame’s extensive electronic and hardcopy resources.

5. The Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning provides extensive resources and teaching certification programs.

6. Students in the Clinical Area are eligible for Mental Health Service Benefits (PDF)

7. Please also see the link below Resources for Current Graduate Students for all graduates students in Psychology for additional useful links to other resources at Notre Dame.