Student Evaluation

Standards, Guidelines, and Procedures

At the end of each academic year, all students are evaluated by the clinical faculty with respect to progress in research, clinical activities, coursework, and general professional behavior. Students complete an Annual Report Form and submit it to the Graduate-program Administrative Assistant prior to this annual evaluation meeting.

The General Evaluation Standards are outlined by year to provide guidance for this process, and a summary of Major Milestones and Deadlines helps orient students to key components and timelines of the training program. See also Research Training.

We only admit very qualified candidates and have every expectation that they will succeed in our Department and their subsequent careers. As a faculty, we are committed to fostering the success of our students, and take great pride and delight in doing so. However, challenges can arise and extenuating circumstances can preclude timely progression. If a student does not progress satisfactorily, the Performance, Remediation, and Termination Standards and Procedures specify the procedures to be followed.