Student Evaluation

Annual Evaluations of Student Progress

Primary annual evaluations of student progress will be conducted by program faculty in the last month of the spring semester. In preparation for those evaluations, all program students must submit an updated copy of their CVs together with an annual report containing the following information related to research, teaching, service, and professional goals.

Student Annual Report Categories


Brief description of research activities over the past year including the stage of each project, publications or conference presentations that have or will emanate from the work, and the projected timeline for completion.


Description of any teaching done during the past 12 months. This should include a description of TA duties performed for which faculty member or designation if the student was the instructor of record. Also relevant are guest lectures and any informal teaching activities such as supervision of undergraduates in the research lab or consulting activities.


Provide overview of any service activities engaged in since last evaluation. These should include any service to the Department, College, University, field or local community.


The goal statement should include (but is not limited to) a description of (a) the activities that the student plans to engage in over the next 2-3 years, which should be updated yearly, (b) whether he/she plans to acquire the teaching certification, and if so, when (s)he would like to be instructor of record and which course (s)he is interested in teaching, (c) if he or she plans to pursue the quantitative minor, (d) where (s)he is with respect to progress milestones, and (e) eventual career goals.

Additional information about any student can be submitted by faculty outside of the program who may have supervised the student’s teaching or other activities.