Developmental Psychology Research Training

In addition to the formal academic training acquired in the process of coursework, the Developmental Psychology graduate program emphasizes research training and provides many opportunities for students to develop their research capabilities.

Research activity begins in the first semester through student participation in an on-going project of their adviser or a research team.  The ideas generated from this initial involvement often result in the development of a project which could become the student's first-year research project or master's thesis. Much of the research activity occurs through teams which faculty members lead. Collaborative research activities among students and faculty occur frequently.

The research labs for the core Developmental Psychology faculty are listed below.  

Adolescent Development Lab

Director: Dawn M. Gondoli

Adult Development & Aging Lab

Director: Cindy S. Bergeman

Cognition, Learning, and Development Lab

Director: Nicole McNeil

Development & Psychopathology Laboratory

Director: Kristin Valentino

Evolved Developmental Morality (Evo-De-Mo)

Director: Darcia F. Narvaez

Moral and Adolescent Psychology (MAP) Lab

Director: Daniel Lapsley

Notre Dame Socio-Emotional Development Lab

Director: Julie M. Braungart-Rieker

William J. Shaw Center for Children and Families

Director: Julie M. Braungart-Rieker