Abigail Csik

Abigail Csik

Education: Concordia University, BA

Research Interests: I am interested in memory for events (primarily using narrative-based texts as materials for experiments) at the surface form (memory for surface features such as font, wording, details), textbase (memory for propositions) and event model (gist memory) level. Much of my current research examines memory at various retention intervals to determine contributors to forgetting and the pattern of retention over time. For example, my first year project found that expectations of future relevance can help prevent forgetting at the surface form level, but event model memory persists even if people think the information is no longer relevant. My masters thesis aims to explore the effect of retrieval practice of narratives on these levels of memory. My aim throughout this research is to examine the cognitive mechanisms of long term memory and ways in which this memory store may be improved in the general public.

Advisor: Dr. G.A. Radvansky

Curriculum Vitae

Cognition, Brain, and Behavior


Memory Lab