Holly Levin-Aspenson

Holly Levin-Aspenson

Undergraduate Institution: Guilford College

Research Interests:  My research interests focus on issues involved in the classification, structure, and assessment of psychopathology, such as:

  • What distinguishes pathological symptoms from normative experiences, and how are those symptoms related to one another and to other contextual factors (such as individual and group differences)
  • Which taxonomic models of psychopathology best describe true, scientifically valid disorders?
  • What are the most feasible and empirically valid methods to assess and measure psychopathology?
  • What factors (such as social dynamics, cognitive processes, and personality characteristics) pose threats to the reliability and validity of self, informant, and clinician assessments; and how might those those sources of error be mitigated?

I am also interested in broader issues in scientific research, such as philosophy of science, research design and methodology, and dissemination and communication of research findings.

Advisor: Dr. David Watson

Curriculum Vitae



Center for Advanced Measurement of Personality and Psychopathology (CAMPP Lab)