Jude Ash is a Syrian peace and human rights activist. Jude was a prominent activist in the Syrian nonviolent resistance movement of 2011, where he was arrested, tortured, and later exiled out of the country by the Syrian intelligence apparatus. Since then, Jude has worked with refugees and other trauma-afflicted communities in five countries, designing and implementing trauma-therapy and community-building interventions. During his time in the field, he founded and led several community-building and trauma-therapy initiatives, including the Psychosocial Support Department at the Syrian Red Crescent (2009), a Syrian-international nonprofit specializing in trauma-therapy and community-building services (New Syrian Human, 2014), and the first E-newspaper to publish in the Syrian spoken language (InSyrian, 2016).

Jude holds a Bachelor in Engineering from Syria and a MA in Peace Studies from Notre Dame, where he is currently a PhD student in the Clinical Psychology and Peace Studies joint program.

At Notre Dame, Jude hopes to marry the insights gained from his unique background and experience with his passion for psychology to generate research questions with potential for informing practices in both the fields of clinical psychology and peace studies. More specifically, he is interested in the study of human emotion and emotion management, and the impact of emotion management strategies on subsequent cognitions and behaviors.