Katherine Grein

Katherine Grein

Education: St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Advisor: Dr. Laura Miller-Graff

Joint Doctoral


BRAVE (Building Resilience After Violence Exposure) Research Lab

Research interests: Katherine’s research interests center broadly on the effects of violence and trauma on mental health and family relationships. More specifically, her research focuses on the experience of inter-partner violence (IPV) for women who are currently pregnant, how such experiences may impact their parenting and relationships with their children, and what psychological or psychosocial strengths may act as protective factors in the face of such experiences.

Through her lab’s international work, Katherine is also involved in research examining intersections between political violence and domestic violence for families in Palestine. She is currently involved in her lab’s development of a cognitive-behaviorally- based intervention program, in partnership with the Palestinian Counseling Center, to foster skills and relationships aimed to prevent the “spillover” of political violence into family relationships.

Curriculum Vitae