Tony Cunningham

Tony Cunningham

Undergraduate Institution:  University of Notre Dame

Research Interests:  I am a Graduate Research Assistant in the Department of Psychology at the University of Notre Dame, where I also completed my B.A in Psychology and Pre-professional studies and M.A. in Clinical Psychology. My long-term research focus is on understanding the roles of sleep and stress in memory processing, and how knowledge of these systems may be applicable to clinical populations. In choosing to pursue clinical training within a cognitive neuroscience lab, I am working toward the goal of carving a niche at the intersection between neuroscience and clinical practice. My Master's Thesis focused on the effect of psychosocial stress on the early consolidation of emotional memory across sleep between cohorts of healthy and depressed individuals. Other interests include examining the effect of sleep on psychophysiological and subjective reactivity to emotional and neutral images across various delays of sleep and wake, and how certain psychopathologies may affect this change.

Mentor: Dr. Jessica Payne


ND Sleep, Stress and Memory Lab