Psychology researchers hard at work in a state of the art computer lab

Faculty research is conducted in labs that include doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows, and undergraduate research assistants, along with other project-based support staff.  Lab-based research is central to the doctoral training model of the department.  It also provides an important training opportunity for undergraduate students whose research often leads to senior theses, presentations at professional meetings, and scholarly publication.

Research focuses on clinical psychology, attachment, developmental psychopathology, moral psychology, cognition, visual perception, sleep, and mental functioning, aging, stress, and adaptation, intellectual development, autism, and disability, adolescence and parenting, among other topics.

Learn more about the Department's many Research Labs.


Research Participation

Opportunities for community member participation can be found on the Community Research Participation page. 

Undergraduates looking to participate in research studies for class credit or other payment can find a list on our electronic bulletin board, SONA.

To be able to conduct research on human subjects, all students need to complete the Human Participants Protection Module and print the certificate to show your lab manager.