Research Labs

The research labs of the department are listed below. Additionally, undergraduates looking to participate in research studies for class credit or other payment can find a list on our electronic bulletin board, SONA.

To be able to conduct research on human subjects, all students need to complete the Human Participants Protection Module and print the certificate to show your lab manager:

Adolescent Development Lab

Director: Dawn M. Gondoli

Adult Development & Aging Lab

Director: Cindy S. Bergeman

Attention, Memory, and Perception (AMP) Lab

Director: Bradley S. Gibson

Cognition & Emotion Lab

Director: Gerald Haeffel

Development & Psychopathology Laboratory

Director: Kristin Valentino

eMotion and eCognition Lab

Director: Charles R. Crowell

Family Studies Lab

Director: E. Mark Cummings

Lab for Big Data Methodology

Director: Zhiyong (Johnny) Zhang

Lab for Psychooncology Research

Director: Thomas V. Merluzzi

Language Lab

Director: Kathleen M. Eberhard

Latino Adolescents, Siblings, and Families Lab

Director: Jenny Padilla

Memory, Aging & Cognition Lab

Director: Joshua Koen

Memory Lab

Director: G. A. Radvansky

ND Sleep, Stress and Memory Lab

Director: Jessica Payne

Statistical Learning and Measurement (SLAM) Lab

Director: Ross Jacobucci

Study of the Interpersonal Self Lab

Visual Cognition Laboratory

Director: James R. Brockmole