Extra credit opportunities and psychology experiment sign up for undergraduates are available online. More information and instructions are below.

Request an Account

  • Browse to and click on the link under New Participant.
  • Enter the information requested – be sure to use your NetID as your User ID.
  • Only courses that require or allow extra credit for participating in studies will be shown. You may select all of the classes available for which you are enrolled this semester.
  • After you click on “Request Account” you will receive an email with your login information. You will be assigned a randomly generated password. You cannot change this password for security purposes.

View/Sign Up for Studies

  • Click Study Sign-Up on the main menu or Studies on the top toolbar.
  • Review descriptions of studies and note any special requirements that may restrict your eligibility to participate in a study. Only studies that have available timeslots will appear.
  • To view more information about a study, click on the name of the study.
  • Click on View Timeslots for This Study and you will see a list of available timeslots. Choose a timeslot that is convenient for you, and click Sign Up.
  • Confirmation of your enrollment will be emailed to your ND account.

Canceling a Sign-Up

  • Click My Schedule & Credits on the main page or My Schedule/Credits on the top toolbar.
  • Studies you have signed up for that you are allowed to cancel will have a Cancel button next to them. You will not be penalized for canceling at this stage. There is a time limit before the study is to occur, when it is too late to cancel. This restriction may be listed at the bottom of the page, or can be found by clicking on the study name and viewing the study details.
  • Once you click Cancel to cancel your sign-up, you will see a confirmation page. You will also be warned if your cancellation might affect your ability to participate in other studies you have signed up for, due to pre-requisite restrictions.
  • Click Yes to cancel your sign-up. If you cancel the first part of a two-part study, the second part will also be cancelled. If you cancel the second part of a two-part study, the first part will not be cancelled, but you will need to ask the researcher to sign you up for the second part again, if you would like to participate in it at a later date.

Tracking Your Progress

  • Click My Schedule & Credits on the main page or My Schedule/Credits on the top toolbar
  • Review the number of credits you are required to earn, and how many you have earned so far at the top of the page. Below that, if you have signed up for any studies, those are listed as well. In the list of studies, you will see information about your credit status.
  • Credit will appear once the researcher confirms your participation in the system.
  • If you failed to appear for a study, it is possible you were assessed a penalty. That will be displayed in your progress, and the penalty (if assessed) will be deducted from your current credit earnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Immediately after I login, as soon as I click on any menu option, I am taken back to the login page and I see a message that my authentication has expired. What does this mean?

Your web browser is not properly configured to accept cookies. You should turn on cookies in your web browser, use a different web browser (for example, try Firefox if you are currently using Internet Explorer), or try a different computer. You may find detailed instructions for Clearing Web Browser Cache and Cookies here.

I participated in a study, but I have yet to receive credit. How do I receive credit?

The researcher must grant you credit. This is usually done shortly after your participation. If it has been some time and you have still not received credit, contact the researcher.

I noticed that with some studies, I can sign up for them again even if I participated before, while others don’t allow for this. Why is this?

Researchers can choose if their studies allow you to participate more than once. Not all studies allow you to participate more than once.

I attempted to sign up for a study, and I was prevented from doing so because the study I was trying to sign up for is a disqualifier for another study I am scheduled to participate in. Why is this?

If you have signed up for a study that has disqualifiers (studies you must not have participated in to participate in that study), you may not then sign up for the studies that are listed as the disqualifier studies. You are allowed to sign up for the disqualifier studies if the disqualifier study will take place after the study with disqualifiers, or if you have already participated in (and received credit for) the study with disqualifiers. The easiest way to sign up for both studies is to schedule the disqualifier study at a time later than the study with disqualifiers.