Advising & Mentoring

Advising Resources

The relationship you have with your advisors will enhance your college experience and help you prepare for your career after graduation.

You have access to several advisors as a Psychology major. Questions regarding College or University requirements are handled by the assistant deans in the Office of Undergraduate Studies and major-related and career issues are handled by the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Psychology.

The Office of Undergraduate Studies provides the following services to students:

  • assistance with major declaration and orientation to the major
  • advising about graduation requirement completion
  • assistance in course-scheduling issues: selecting appropriate courses and research opportunities, resolving course scheduling problems, obtaining authorization numbers (permission-required courses)
  • study abroad planning and authorization
  • approval of transfer credits counting towards the major requirements
  • career and postgraduate counseling
  • general advising/assistance with concerns/issues as they arise

Mentoring Resources

As you work your way through the major, you should also develop relationships with members of the psychology faculty that exceed the bounds of the classroom. As you begin discerning your interests in psychology, you should consider exploring these within the research domain where you can work in close contact with faculty on research projects. Find a faculty member in your area of interest, or one with whom you connect, and ask him or her to be your mentor.

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