Psychology Major Course Requirements

The psychology major at Notre Dame requires a minimum of 30 credit hours of psychology courses.

  • 9 credit hours of required courses
  • 21 credit hours come from 300-level content area courses and 400-level senior seminar courses.

Psychology majors are encouraged to complete more than the minimum 30 course credit hours required for graduation, especially if they are considering graduate school.

Introductory Psychology is not a direct requirement for the major, but it is a prerequisite for the 300-level content area courses. Special studies or directed readings credits do NOT fulfill any graduation requirements.

Required Courses

  • Psy 20010: Psychology: Science, Practice, & Policy Seminar
    Taken the semester after declaring the major
  • Psy 30100: Experimental Psychology I: Statistics
    Includes a laboratory section
  • Psy 30160: Experimental Psychology II: Research Methods
    Includes a laboratory section

300-Level Elective Courses

These content area courses provide students with more in-depth experience in the main substantive areas of the field. These courses are divided into two categories. The first group covers the social and developmental processes (Class A) while the second covers the biological and learning processes. Students are required to take a minimum of 2 courses (6 credits) from each of the groups. Introductory Psychology IS A PREREQUISITE for the upper-level psychology courses.

Class A Courses

  • Psy 30200: Developmental Psychology
  • Psy 30220: Adolescent Development
  • Psy 30300: Personality Psychology
  • Psy 30310: Abnormal Psychology
  • Psy 30312: Child & Adolescent Psychopathology
  • Psy 30314: Intro to Clinical Psychology
  • Psy 30600: Social Psychology
  • Psy 30634: Psychology of Peace

Class B Courses

  • Psy 30253: An Introduction to Cognitive Development
  • Psy 30312: Cognitive Aging
  • Psy 30400: Cognitive Psychology
  • Psy 30430: Learning & Memory
  • Psy 30440: Sensation & Perception
  • Psy 30501: Intro to Biopsychology
  • Psy 30510: Behavioral Genetics
  • Psy 30520: Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience

400-Level Elective Courses

Senior-level reading, writing, and discussion intensive seminars are typically taken in the senior year. These are typically taught in the faculty members' particular area of research expertise and course offerings may change from semester to semester.

Students are required to take a minimum of 2 courses (6 credits) from each of the groups.

300/400-Level Additional Elective Course

Students need to complete either an additional 300-level course (i.e., a fifth course out of the Class A or Class B section) or a third 400-level seminar. NOTE: Research labs or directed readings credits DO NOT fulfill this requirement.

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