Senior Thesis

A Senior Thesis is a year-long investigation conducted under the auspices of a faculty member. It must result in a substantial written product that will be evaluated by the thesis advisor and another member of the faculty, chosen at random.

Any senior psychology major may undertake a Senior Thesis provided that the student is in good academic standing and has secured the approval of a faculty mentor. Faculty members may consider other academic qualifications as a condition for supervising a thesis, such as Grade Point Average, performance in certain courses, experience in a research lab, relevant background experience, favorable letters of reference and compatible scholarly interests.

In the first (typically Fall) semester students should register for Research Lab credits. If the student has made sufficient progress to warrant proceeding to the Senior Thesis, then the student will register for PSY 48801 (Senior Thesis) in the second (typically Spring) semester, with the permission of the faculty mentor.  

Typically Senior Thesis credits will be earned in the second semester of the student’s senior year.

Exceptions can be approved by the thesis director and the Director of Undergraduate Studies.