BRAVE (Building Resilience After Violence Exposure) Research Lab

Director: Laura Miller-Graff


Working within an ecological framework, our research seeks to understand how various systems (i.e., individual, family, and community) interact to promote or inhibit healthful development following violence exposure. Based on this research, we aim to develop, adapt and/or evaluate brief, empirically validated treatments for individuals exposed to chronic forms of violence and trauma. Current projects include randomized controlled trials of brief programs for pregnant women exposed to intimate partner violence and a family-based intervention for families in Palestine. Our research most commonly employs a community-based participatory approach, with local partners and stakeholders engaged in multiple phases of the research.


Our lab is currently recruiting eligible members of the community to participate in research.


Currently pregnant women who are at least 16 years of age and who have experienced abuse by a partner (physical, sexual or psychological) in the past 12 months.

What's Involved?

Participants will participate in a series of interviews (2-3.5 hours) over the course of approximately 1.5 years and will also receive a group-based support program (5 sessions).

BRAVE (Building Resilience After Violence Exposure) Research Lab