The Department of Psychology offers two programs of study: a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Neuroscience and Behavior. Although both majors study the brain, mind, and human behavior, they do so by focusing on different domains.

Both majors offer an unparalleled opportunity to prepare for a wide range of careers, including medicine and other health professions, graduate and professional schools, business, and other private-sector careers. 

The department also serves those students who are interested in psychology courses as part of a broader liberal arts program or to supplement another major interest.


Two Students Working With Kristin Valentino Observing A Session At The Shaw Center


Psychology examines behavior and the mental processes that lead to behavior, such as sensation and perception, cognition and emotions

Two Students Working With A Faculty Member In A Psychology Lab

Neuroscience and Behavior

Neuroscience and Behavior delves deeper into the biological and chemical processes that underlie the human mind and their relationship with human behavior.