Development & Psychopathology Laboratory

Director: Kristin Valentino


Our research addresses how adversity affects child development with a focus on the caregiving behaviors that may promote risk and/or resilience. We study positive and negative caregiving behaviors, and evaluate how interventions may be designed to improve caregiving to improve developmental outcomes for children. We are especially interested in families who are facing adversities such as child maltreatment, poverty, and discrimination. Guiding our research is a developmental psychopathology perspective which emphasizes the interface between normal and atypical development and employs a multiple-levels-of analysis approach towards the study of child development and child psychopathology.


Our lab is currently recruiting eligible members of the community to participate in research.


Children aged 6-8 and their mothers

What's Involved?

Mothers and children will participate in two visits to the Shaw Center for Children & Families, spaced 1 year apart. Visits include survey questions, parent-child interaction tasks, child emotion tasks, and heartbeat measurement.

Development & Psychopathology Laboratory