Laboratory for Psycho-oncology Research

Director: Thomas V. Merluzzi


Prof. Merluzzi's research focuses on coping and social support processes in people with cancer and cancer survivors from the perspective of social learning theory and, in particular, self-regulation and self-efficacy theories.  For more detailed information on his research please visit the Laboratory for Psycho-oncology Research website


     Assessment of Self-efficacy for Coping with Cancer

     Survivorship, Coping with Stressors, Social Support, COVID-19

     "Letting Go"- Religious/Spiritual Perspectives on Coping and Relinquishing Control

      Psychosocial Issues in Racial Health Disparities

For details on these research areas please visit the Laboratory for Psycho-oncology Research website


Our lab is currently recruiting eligible members of the community to participate in research.


Persons with a diagnosis of cancer and persons in general who are 18 years of age or older

What's Involved?

Current projects involve completing online Qualtrics surveys.  Please contact Prof. Merluzzi if you are interested in participating. 

Laboratory for Psycho-oncology Research