Notre Dame’s Department of Psychology offers graduate programs in clinical; cognition, brain and behavior; developmental; and quantitative psychology. In addition we have joint doctoral programs with Computer Science and Engineering and with the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, and an undergraduate major that emphasizes hands-on research.

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Psychologist examines methods of classifying mental disorders

Lee Anna Clark Feature
Dr. Lee Anna Clark
Understanding Mental Disorder through a Scientific Lens: 
“One of the main things that we kept coming back to is the idea that ‘having a mental disorder’ is very different from having the measles or even something like diabetes – and it can be helpful to think about mental disorder psychopathology in this more complex way,” says Clark. “While there definitely are treatments and ways to help people deal with mental disorders, there aren’t any magic bullets.”

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Healing Words, Healing Work: Supporting Recovery from Child Abuse and Neglect - Kristin Valentino

Child abuse and neglect leads to destructive behavioral and physical health problems among millions of children each year. This talk addresses how to support recovery from child abuse and neglect through the strengthening of parent-child relationships. You can view Kristin Valentino's Saturday Scholar lecture video here, and on the Arts and Letters YouTube channel:

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