Graduate Student Awards

Author: Lee Anna Clark

Kristina Krasich was accepted into the Summer Seminars in Philosophy and Neuroscience (SSNAP)fellowship through Duke University and The Templeton Foundation. This one-year fellowship includes a two-week seminar series at Duke University discussing the inquiry in philosophy and neuroscience and a culminating fellowship project that will be funded up to $30,000! Notably, this fellowship opportunity spawned from a collaboration between members of Conversations on Brain, Mind, and Behavior CBMB), an informal, cross-disciplinary group organized and run by graduate students across campus. Samuel Murray, a graduate student in Philosophy, and Kristina realized during journal club meetings that they shared research interests, and submitted a team application to the fellowship.

Raquael Joiner received a $3,000 Graduate Student Research Award from ISLA (Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts) for “The Notre Dame Study of Dyadic Relationships.”

Tony Cunningham won a Dissertation Award from the Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology for his work, “The interaction of stress and depression and their effect on sleep and emotional memory consolidation.“

Caroline Scheid was awarded an Honorable Mention in the student poster competition at the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies Annual Conference for her work entitled “The Effect of Childhood Adversity and Prenatal Intimate Partner Violence on Breastfeeding Intent, Initiation, and Early Cessation.”