University Acts Swiftly to Hateful Facebook Posts

Author: Tammy Kaczor

A now-former postdoc at the University of Notre Dame, Department of Psychology recently posted hateful, racist messages on Facebook, including on the pages of some current and former students of the University. Members of the Department were stunned and horrified by these posts and quickly rallied in support of all those targeted or affected by the appalling messages.

When the University’s administration learned of the posts, it did the right thing: It took swift and decisive action and the person who posted the messages is no longer with the University. We are not authorized to speak for the University, so further questions regarding the incident and the University’s actions should be addressed to the University’s President.

We of the Department of Psychology want to state clearly and forcefully that we will not be passive in the face of hatred or bigotry. Racism and other kinds of prejudice have no place in our Department or at our University, whose mission is “the pursuit and sharing of truth for its own sake.”  Please join us in denouncing intolerance of all kinds and speaking out in support of what is right and just.