Brooke Ammerman

Assistant Professor

Dr. Marsha Linehan Director of Secondary Prevention of Suicide Prevention Initiative—Research, Intervention, & Training (SPIRIT)

Assistant Professor
E334 Corbett Family Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556

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Affect, Suicide, Self-Injury, and Social Triggers (ASSIST) Lab

Suicide Prevention Initiative—Research, Intervention, & Training (SPIRIT)

Professor Ammerman is NOT open to admitting graduate students for fall 2024 matriculation.

Primary Area: Clinical

Research and teaching interests

Identification of risk for self-injurious thoughts and behaviors, proximal risk processes, interpersonal context as risk and protective factors, co-occurrence of risky behaviors (i.e., problematic alcohol use & self-injurious thoughts and behaviors)


Professor Ammerman’s research examines the spectrum of self-injurious thoughts and behaviors, including non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI), suicidal ideation, and suicide attempts; she works from the framework that self-injurious thoughts and behaviors serve as an extreme means of emotion regulation. Utilizing a multi-method approach, her research seeks to understand how various intra- and inter- personal factors interact to increase chronic or imminent risk of self-injurious thoughts and behaviors. She has a particular interest in the interpersonal context in which these thoughts and behaviors occur and how they may overlap with other risk behaviors (e.g. aggression, substance use)


Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Temple University

M.A., Clinical Science, University of Northern Iowa

B.S., Psychology, North Dakota State University

Representative Publications

Ammerman, B. A., & Law, K. C. (2022). "Using intensive time sampling methods to capture daily suicidal ideation: a systematic review." Journal of Affective Disorders, 299, 108-117.

Ammerman, B. A., Burke, T. A., O'Loughlin, C. M., & Hammond, R. (Preprint). "The association between nonsuicidal and suicidal self-injurious behaviors: A systematic review and expanded theoretical model." doi: 10.31234/

Ammerman, B. A., Sorgi, K. M., Fahlgren, M. K., Puhalla, A. A., & McCloskey, M. S. (2021). "An experimental examination of interpersonal problem-solving in nonsuicidal self-injury: A pilot study." Journal of Psychiatric Research, 144, 146-150.

Ammerman, B. A., Burke, T. A., Jacobucci, R., & McClure, K. (2021). "How we ask matters: The impact of question wording in single-item measurement of suicidal thoughts and behaviors." Preventive Medicine, 152, 106472.

Ammerman, B. A., Jacobucci, R., Kleiman, E. M., Uyeji, L. L., & McCloskey, M. S. (2018). "The relationship between nonsuicidal self‐injury age of onset and severity of self‐harm." Suicide and Life‐Threatening Behavior, 48, 31-37.