Kathleen Eberhard

Director of Cognition, Brain and Behavior Program
Associate Professor

Associate Professor
E364 Corbett Family Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556
+1 574-631-7627

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Language Lab

Primary Area: Cognition, Brain, and Behavior

Research and teaching interests

My research interests include bilingualism and coordination of understanding during spoken language interaction. My teaching interests are psycholinguistics, pragmatics, and cognitive science.


Professor Eberhard's area of expertise within psycholinguistics is in language production. Her early work focused on the syntactic processes involved in producing subject-verb agreement, which resulted in an influential theoretical review paper and computational model published in Psychological Review in 2005. She also contributed to the development of the visual world paradigm, which uses eye-tracking technology to study real-time spoken language comprehension by measuring the timing of listeners' fixations to objects in the environment relative to their being named in utterances.

Her more recent work investigates bilingualism, specifically, individual differences in acquiring a second language and how one's first language affects acquiring or understanding words in the second language. Her current research also investigates how individuals coordinate understanding in face-to-face and remote dialogue.


Ph.D. 1993, Michigan State University

M.A. 1991, Michigan State University

B.A. 1987, University of Rochester

Representative Publications

Gervits, F., Eberhard, K., & Scheutz, M. (2016). "Team communication as a collaborative process." Frontiers in Robotics and AI: Computational Intelligence, 3, 62-73.

Tenbrink, T., Eberhard, K., Shi, H., Kubler, S., & Scheutz, M. (2013). "Annotation of negotiation processes in joint-action dialogues." Dialogue and Discourse, 4, 183-212.

Eberhard, K. M., Cutting, J. C., & Bock, K. (2005). "Making syntax of sense: Number agreement in sentence production." Psychological Review, 112, 531-559.

Eberhard, K. M., Spivey-Knowlton, M. J., Sedivy, J. C., & Tanenhaus, M. K. (1995). "Eye movements as a window into real-time spoken language comprehension in natural contexts." Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, 24, 409-436.

Tanenhaus, M. K., Spivey-Knowlton, M. J., Eberhard, K. M., & Sedivy, J. C. (1995). "Integration of visual and linguistic information in spoken language comprehension." Science, 268, 1632-34