Preparing for Graduate School

Advanced degrees in psychology

If you are considering attending graduate school, begin by talking to Prof. Venter, who will be able to offer advice on graduate programs that would fit your life and career aspirations. There are a number of graduate program options available in psychology ranging from Ph.D. programs in various disciplines, Psy.D. Programs, to terminal masters programs in various disciplines.

The choice of degree should be based on your career interests, and Prof. Venter can provide some guidance in this process. You should also discuss graduate school options with your research lab director.  

Other advanced degrees

Psychology students are trained to be intellectually flexible and acquire skills that are transferable to many fields. Every year, our students go on to successfully complete advanced degrees in many disciplines, including law, business, and education. Additionally, because psychology pairs well with medicine, several of our double majors attend medical school or graduate school in public health. 

For more information about graduate school, go to the Undergraduate Career Services page on advanced degree planning

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